Karahunj. Pagan Ceremony

I reached Karanhunj as night was falling. From a distance, I could see the flickering glow of a campfire, and the large black silhouettes of human sized rocks. As I approached, it seemed as though I had stumbled across some kind of pagan ceremony. The ringleader, an older man, stood back from the fire against one of the rocks, while 3 young “maidens” adorned with wreaths and holding bundles of grain stood by the fire; it looked as if I was about to witness a sacrifice. And it was not human, like I thought, but an offering of something meaningful into the fire, to bless the future. One of the girls had a ‘worm’ growing inside her, and her offering today meant good fortune six months later. Apparently we were at the center of the galaxy. The leader, a local artist, had bought this parcel of land, and had a distinguished scientist verify the claim. The artist told me that he placed stones here in his past life, and that when “I choose to die,” I can be buried here too, at this magical place.