Seeing the Final Destination. Part II

It was a garden similar to the gardens and parks I worked at in Seattle. I loved it. I actually quit my dream job, and turned down a government botanical garden job to stay in Armenia, within the first year I came here. I could envision myself working here, or better, creating my own garden for others to come experience, and build an appreciation for nature. And I can picture doing it in the Lori, Tavush, and Sevanik region. Leaving the cool green forest, I walked down into the canyon which divides the villages within this region, only to climb back the other wide. Walking through agricultural fields, potatoes and beans being harvested alongside plump raspberries, I talked, ate, and drank coffee, while helping them harvest, and with a full stomach, again walked down and out yet another canyon to reach Odzun. A very old village, where following my girlfriend’s advice, I met with and spoke to the priest there, a jovial man, who had the chance to leave, but decided to stay. His work was needed here. We spoke of spirituality, a calling to help others, and the benefit and good feelings of a day fill of accomplishments.

From there, I was heading towards Lalvar Mountain, the tallest in the region. When a couple from Yerevan called me over they had watched the show and drove up to meet me. They were great, bright, young, and enthusiastic. They have also lived in America for a time, but decided to come back to Armenia. We had much in common too, sharing our feelings on life in the two countries, the goods and bads of Armenia, a love for nature and sport, etc. I definitely found new friends, a “tribe” as Arthur said, and will meet with them again when I get back to Yerevan. They had given me new energy in the time I needed it most, almost done, tired, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and so close to the end. We hiked together to a village at the foothills of the mountain, they gave me a gift, and headed back home. I continued on into the night and found an abandoned house to spend the night in, staying dry and warmish in the cold met region.